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Let’s start with the definition of ESD: ESD is an abbreviation for electrostatic discharge: the pulse of static electricity that occurs when a charged person contacts another object. Anything from sliding out of a car seat or walking across a static generating floor can build up a dangerous charge. Most associate a static discharge with that sensory “ouch” that we feel and see; the zap, the mini bolt of blue lightening. However, the majority of static discharges, anything below 3500 volts, are totally undetectable to humans. Like common cold germs, ESD events are occurring around us constantly, causing damage to sensitive microelectronics inside computers and electronic devices.

The best way to avoid ESD events is to prevent static generation in the first place. In the case of ESD, an ounce of prevention is truly worth a pound of cure. If the environment prevents static generation, it’s impossible for an ESD event to occur. A static free environment is created by eliminating normal static generating surfaces like carpet, rubber and tile. We loosely define those surfaces as ESD flooring. Other common names are anti static flooring, static flooring, conductive tile, static resistant flooring, non-static flooring, and grounded floors.

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